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Weekly from Bodrum to the SOUTH -Dodecanese
Cos-Gyali-Nisiros-Rhodes and Simi

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8 days/7 nights cruises
Bodrum - Hisaronu Gulf
on luxury gulets w. AC

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Bodrum - Greece
(North Dodecanese)

Bodrum - Greece
(Rhodes & Simi Islands)

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Marmaris - Datca

Marmaris - Greece
(Rhodes & Simi Islds.)

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Bodrum - Gokova Gulf
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Olympos - Fethiye
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Fethiye - Marmaris
Fethiye - 12 islands

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How the legendary Blue Cruise has started

What's a Gulet?

Wining and Dining on a Gullet


BLUECRUISE.ORG is a German-Turkish company based in Bodrum. We offer an attractive variety of gullets to suit individual needs and itineraries of our guests. All information provided is based on first-hand knowledge and our personal contact to the boat owners and their crew

Karlheinz Klueter
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mobile: 0090 533 684 6717

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Das Gökova Segelrevier

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"Don't just dream about a holiday sleeping on deck, under a velvet, star filled sky, listening to the sea lap at the hull below you.
...we can make it a reality for you."

Dodekanes Inseln

map Dodecanese islands

A complete boat can be yours, just put a group together and you are among your friends and the only one on a traditional wooden Gullet. Such a trip is also a good idea for clubs and other parties. From 10 persons onward we reserve a boat at cabincarter prices for you and suggest the best itinerary.
Gullet Special Offer

On this cruise you are not going with the crowd. You are on a boat that you share with some other couples, having your own crew that will be there for your needs. You may participate in sailing, have the chance to explore every little bay and on your route.

Your floating home will be 18/24 meters (55-74 feet) long, 5/6 double cabins with ensuite toilette and shower. Sailing, snorkeling, fishing, sunbathing are some of the activities on board. Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be served by your cook
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Every Sunday for Itinerary South, from May 15 to October 8th
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Suggested Airport
: Bodrum-Milas, Turkey.
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We also offer the itinerary to Rhodes from Marmaris: but on Saturdays, see Marmaris

Blue Cruise Bodrum-Cos-Simi-Rhodes-Bodrum Kos - das Askleipeon
Simi harbor - Greece
Castle of St. Peter in Bodrumswimming in cristal clear waters Cnidus - in ancient time here was the temple of Aphrodite


Accommodation incl. Full Board
per person per week

Itinerary South (guarenteed departures)
embarkation Sundays, departure next morning

May 15 - July 2
Sept 18 - Oct 08

450,- Euro ~ 660,- US$ ~ 415,- GB£ ~ 733,- AUD

3 - July 30
28 August - Sept 17

520,- Euro ~ 765,- US$ ~ 482,- GB£ ~ 845,- AUD

July 31
- August 27

590,- Euro ~ 867,- US$ ~ 547,- GB£ ~ 960,- AUD

updated for 2010. All our prices are based on Euro, all other currencies are only valid as a guideline, and refer to the currency rate of Oct 9, 2009. The price is for one person sharing a double cabin. All cabins have en-suite WC/shower. Single passengers who wish to have a cabin for themselfes must pay an additional 65% of the cabin charter fee.
Due to limited space on these boats, childrens discount only if they share same cabins with their parents: 4 - 10 50%, +10 full charge.
Pls don't bring drinks on board. Drinks and tipps are extra. Bookings will be confirmed after a down-payment of 50%
Prices include:
Full board accommodation, Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea/cookies, dinner
all charter and berth taxes, Turkish and Greek harbour and port fees, transit log,
crew service, ship water, diesel and gasoline
bed linen and towels (small and bath towel)
Yacht insurance (we advice to take your own individual travel insurance), VAT
all port procedures and expenses in foreign waters for the yacht
Prices do not include:
Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, including bottled water, this all can be purchased from the bar on board
Optional land tours and entrance fees to places of interest
flights and airport transfers

The places you will see on the itinerary Dodecanese South

Kos - Askleipeion  
Among other beautiful stops, here is the chance to visit the birthplace of Hippocrates and take a trip round the historical sites of the town, the Temple of Dionysus, the Asclepeion and the tree under which the Hippocrates Oath was composed are just a few. This island is rich in archaeology including Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian sites. Despite the amount of tourists in the summer you can still get away, though a good guidebook like Lonely Planet is recommended.

Symi As your boat swings around the last headland, a fantastic sight opens up. Apparently slipping down the barren hillsides, gathered all around the great horseshoe curve of a superb natural harbour, are tiers of yellow - and ochre-coloured houses, interspersed with the white walls and bright red roofs of churches.
The houses are not typical Greek village houses but two- and three-storey neo-classical structures, in fact buildings of stature. It is these houses, built in Symi's golden days when the islanders grew wealthy on sponge-diving and boat-building. And the Greek authorities have placed a preservation order on the whole town to ensure the magical beauty is not lost.

Cnidus was a mayor Dorian city, famous for its temples, theatres, statue of Aphrodite, the world's first observatory, and medical school. It seems to have kept a purer Greek character, no doubt because it set its sights seaward and had little contact with the inland. Around 360 BC, the city was rebuilt at the windblown tip of the peninsula, banking on the fact that a good harbor at the outer corner of Asia Minor would become a popular calling-port for ships on the Aegean-East Mediterranean transit routes. The rocky island facing the shore at the new site was joined to the mainland with a causeway, creating two deep harbors on either side of the isthmus. One on the Aegean and the other on the Mediterranean.

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Lunch time on aftdeck

looking forwards to the next stop

Simi - fishermen

Here is a rough guide of your week to the Greek islands South
As there are not many companies that are offering this itinerary, please ask for availability or take the tour to the Greek islands (Rhodes - Symi) more here Marmaris

1st day: The boarding starts at 3:30 p.m. in the Port of Bodrum. Early-arriving guests can leave their luggages in one of our offices. First day dinner and the night will be in Bodrum Port. During this time our guests wishing to explore the city will have a whole night time.
Bodrum has a history that goes back to the 12 th century B.C. The city which was called Halicarnassus and was the birthplace of Heredotos; the ' Father of History'. Thus Bodrum was a home to many civilizations and there is a lot to see: The remains of the Mausoleum of King Mausolus, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. From the Classical Roman times the Amphitheatre has survived; one of the oldest theatres in Anatolia with a capacity of 13.000 guests, and is still hosting many shows and concerts. And there is the landmark of the city, the 'Castle of Saint Peter', being build in medieval times from the stones of the collapsed Mausoleum and today it houses the first and world's largest underwater archeology museum. Finally there is 'Myndos Gate' where Alexander the Great had a hard time in his siege of Halicarnassus.
Bodrum is also popular with its night life, there is an endless choice of entertainment in the city.

2nd Day: Starts with a welcome-on-board-meeting while you enjoying your breakfast.The crew will inform you about the cruise programme and the boat. During this time your captain will be completing the port-formalities. Sail to Cos island starts. Asclepion, known as the best healt-care center of the Antique World is located here. Cos is also the birtplace of Hippocrates; 'the Father of Medical Science'. On the island there is a lot to see; a Medieval century castle; a museum; an antique stadium; Acropoli; an Antique Odeon;an amphitheatre; and Roman Baths. Cos, or in Turkish: Istanköy ; is the second large island of the 12 island. (Dodecanese islands) has a very soft climate and very fertile lands.Ýn the island, which is full every season, you can see the old and the new time consructions has been located together. The island hosts a 560 yeras old tree and a 211 years old fountain.

3rd Day: We will start early morning to Nisiros island. The volcano of Nisiros island - which means 'the place with figs' in the Aegean Sea- which burst out in 1422 is still active.Nikea village located on the side of the volcano, has white streets and a mosaic-style square. You can take bus a tour to the Krater which is still active and where you can see the gases coming from underground. On the way back after a short a village tour and a lunch break; we will sail to Tilos island. The dinner and the overnight will take place in the port of this small, peaceful island.

4th Day: Sailing to Rhodes early in the morning to the largest of the Dodecanese islands, a very popular holiday place as it has one of the best-protected and the largest medieval city walls. Rhodes has been a home for many civilizations; starting with the knights of St.John in the Medieval century, then Ottomans and Italians. The city, which is still surrounded with 12meters thick city-walls gives you the feeling of traveling back to Medieval century especially when you walk around its narrow pebble stone roads. After dinner our guests are highly recommended to enjoy a Rhodes at night out.

5th Day: By sailing in the early hours of morning towards to Simi island; we will arrive to the Monastry of Panormitis located in the southern part of Simi. After visiting the Monastry and the museum of this quiet and peaceful coast we will take swimming break at noon time and will arrive to Simi port in the evening.You can see the shore-side with its neo-classical houses and the inner streets

6th Day: Today we will get back to Turkish waters to Datca.You can enjoy a short-walk on the shoreside while your captain is finishing with the customs procedures. Datca has been founded by the
Cnidus - View to the ancient harbour  
Dorianss who have been immigrated from Aegean islands to the southern coasts of Ionia in the 7th century B.C.
Sailing to Cnidus after lunch. Cnidus was a developed city in science art and construction. Euryphon and his students have founded the second largest medical sciences school in Cnidus. The island also is home to the largest sun clock of its time implimented by Eudoksos.
Cnidus has been the home for Aphrodite's monument and has got his fame with Demeter who was known as ' the beautiful- haired queen'.A place always kept in mind with its love and sex stories. The dinner and overnight will be in Cnidus.

7th Day: Sailing in the early morning. Docking in Karaadada for the last swimming break in these beatiful blue waters. In the afternoon we will be sailing to Bodrum Port for the dinner and overnight.

8th Day: Leaving the boat after breakfast taking all your unforgettable and very enjoyable memories with you.

Please note that this is only a rough guide and can be varied to suite requirements. Also note that the route may vary slightly, depending on weather conditions and time available, at the Captains discretion.

If yo can put together a group of friends ( 8 - 10 for a 6 cabin boat, or 12 - 14 for an 8 cabin gullet ) - the whole boat can be yours. more

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Cabin Charter - general information
Gulet for Cabin Charter on a Blue Cruise  
All tours which are offered here take place on Standard-Yachts, the traditional Bodrum-built GULET. All yachts are between 19 - 25 meters length, these vessels accommodate between 12 and 16 guests in 6 to 8 cabins. The cabins have en-suite WC & showers. (Hot & cold). There is a music set, VHF Radiotelephone and a dinghy on each yacht, but in general no air condition. Crew consists of a captain, cook and a deckshand.
An exact yacht’s name can not be available until 1 or 2 days before departure, as numbers of bookings come in often late. This works well over the years like a cooperative and we advice you to give us your mobile phone that we stay in contact to give you captain's number and boat name.
The crew aboard our Gulets and yachts often do not have a foreign language mastered, but they almost always know a few ’every-day’ phrases and are able to understand almost all requests.
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