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What's a Gulet?


BLUECRUISE ORG is a Bodrum based well established company under a German-Turkish management. We are specialized in offers for individual needs as well as groups. Our advice on boats is based on close a relationship with captain and crew. Get in touch - our friendly team is waiting for you.
Tel.:(+90 252) 317 2660
Fax:(+90 252) 317 2661


"The small harbors and settlements offer an intimate view of coastal life which large ships cannot replicate authentically.
In many ways a gulet is like a full service hotel where every room has a sea view and the scenery changes constantly."

5 raisons
pour louer le bateau complet

C'est juste vous, votre famille ou vos amis, des gens avec qui vous avez envie d'être

C'est votre propre villa flottante

Loin de la foule, et vous choisissez vous-mêmes votre itinéraire

Vivez comme des rois sur un yacht moderne et confortable avec un équipage qui va être aux petits soins pour vous.

Exclusivité: l'île, la plage, la crique sont à vous

Bodrum, sur la cote nord du golfe de Gokova, etait la
demeure du premier "Voyageur Bleu", Cevat Sakir
ou "le pecheur d'Halikarnas".

Naviguant de Bodrum à Marmaris

Les goelettes, merveilleux voiliers tradition nels, vous permettent de naviguer


Entre les baignades et la decouverte des fonds marins admirables, votre goelette vous mene aux sources d'une nature eblouissante et :rs des sites antiques qui semblent n'etre la que pour vous.

Sul Mar Egeo, nella regione della Ionia, si affaccia la costa di Bodrum, una delle zone piu belle della Turchia, famosa per la sua animata vita notturna, molto frequentata dai turisti provenienti da tutto il mondo. Localita dal ricco passato storico, e un vero scrigno di bellezze artistiche e naturali. II litorale e caratterizzato da una ricca vegetazione a cui si susseguono innumerevoli penisole boscose che racchiudono baie stupende e profonde insenature dalle acque trasparenti ed offrono splendide vedute e panorami incantevoli.

Generalmente la navigazione sara concentrata nella prima parte della giornata, lasciando quindi molto spa-zio ad intere giornate di mare. L'e-quipaggio prowedera alia preparazione dei pasti ed in serata il capitano gettera I'ancora in una di queste piccole baie pertrascorrere la notte.

Croisière Privée
Vous êtes un groupe d'amis ? Louez un bateau pour un tour privé d'une semaine.

Sous les mêmes conditions que les tours individuels, profitez d'un bateau uniquement pour vous.

Bateau traditionnel de 4 à 12 cabines équipées de salle de bain et climatisation, vous parcourrez la côte méditerranéenne et pratiquez selon votre envie, la plongée et autres sports nautiques.

Pendant 7 jours faites votre propre itinéraire et le capitaine et son équipage serons là pour transformer votre voyage en un moment inoubliable.

Si vous le désirez le capitaine sera heureux de vous emmener chasser le crabe ou le poulpe pour votre dîner.

Il est possible de prévoir votre parcours en fonction de ce que vous désirez Tout est possible et tout est inclus pour un service excellent et un prix très acceptable.

Vous pouvez également trouver toute une série d'itinéraires organisés et éprouvés depuis quelques années. Selon vos envies et les possibilités ces parcours peuvent être aménagés.
quelques exemple de Gület..

Croisière Charter

Départ garantie chaque semaine pour ce type de croisière.

Bateau traditionnel de 8 à 16 cabines équipées de salle de bain et climatisation, vous parcourrez la côte méditerranéenne et pratiquez selon votre envie, la plongée et autres sports nautiques.

Plusieurs itinéraires sont disponibles selon vos envies et catégorie de bateau selon votre budget.

Le site de départ dépend de l'itinéraire choisi.

quelques exemple d'itineraires...

own goulette with your friends or rent a cabin on a yacht and make some new friends. You may choose as well the routes of your cruise. Here is our new interactive map of the area

The Blue Cruise is the ultimate vacation as you sail along the beautiful coast of Turkey while getting way from routines and exploring the many coves. Yachts have cabins with private bathrooms and showers with hot water, full galleys, and all have additional water sports equipment. Some are air-conditioned. You will be surprised at how reasonably priced the Blue Cruises are.

You can spend all of your time on board of the gulet if you like. The captain and the crew are continuously at your disposal in an effort to provide you with all your needs. The cook pampers you during the whole voyage with specialties and samples of the delicious Turkish cuisine, of which you surely will be a fan at the end of the voyage. The delicate Turkish wine and ‘raki’ (national alcoholic drink) contribute to this delight.

enjoy the delicious meals on board
Dining is generally outdoors around a large table on the aft deck although there is a separate dining area in the main saloon. A sun awning provides shade and there is ample space for for everyone on the cushioned sun decks.

The closeness of the small group of people on board promotes an atmosphere of friendship and sharing; relations among passengers and crew tend to be relaxed and casual. We are experienced in arranging charters for a specific group of people or for you individually. Unlike cruises on large ocean liners, on a gulet you can explore the secluded and often deserted bays and coves of the coastline. Usually the daily duration of cruising is not longer than 3-4 hours, and the rest of the day can be spent in a gorgeous cove enjoying the sun and the sea. Sunbathing on the deck, swimming in clear waters, snorkeling, windsurfing, water-skiing or just fishing...

Or anchoring in a cove and trekking in the wild nature, visiting a nearby village and coming closer to the native people and their traditions or visiting one of the numerous ancient sites. Here, in the midst of the idyll, you can feel the touch of nature and history.

Turkey is a fascinating and friendly country where you can soak up the history of ancient civilizations, savour the atmosphere of market towns and villages with as much time as you can take in the sun. Whether on land or sea the scenery is spectacular. The Mediterranean and Aegean areas are still surprisingly unspoilt.
The boats will sail (winds permitting) or motor along your chosen route. There are a variety of
itineraries to follow depending on your taste.

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