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There are many ships which look like real sailing ships...
But only very few which also live up to their image.

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"In many ways a gulet is like a full service hotel where every room has a sea view and the scenery changes constantly."

5 reasons
to charter your own boat

It's just you, your family or your friends, the people you want to be with

It's your own floating villa

Away from the crowd, selecting your own itinerary

Live like a king on a comfortable modern yacht,
with a crew eager to pamper you and your company

Exclusivity: the Island, Beach or Bay, they can be yours

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BLUECRUISE:ORG is a company settled in Bodrum for many years. Specialised in arranging boats for for personal needs and consulting. All facts given here for the recommend boats are based on own experience and knowing the owners. Please ask us for best offers, we will also look after your personal wishes.
Karlheinz Klüter
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Ideal for a Group up to 18 persons - all cabins with air-condition

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The schooner MARGARITA is one of this selected group. Not only that this ship has been created by ship builders using traditional methods, but sea-farers and artists have also added their ideas. You can see their inspiration in the basic design and in many fine-crafted details.
Once on board the MARGARITA you will find yourself in an atmosphere of nostalgia which evokes the golden age of world-class sailing ships.

The SY. MARGARITA is a gaff-rigged schooner

with a sail area of 442 square meters. When all sails are set and the wind is singing in the rigging, you can hear rushing, gurgling noises under the bowsprit. What a magical feeling, to lie on the deck underneath the dome of the sails and to glide over the sea!


The construction of the ship ensures that you will have a smooth and pleasant experience of sailing. Because the MARGARITA is so stable, even women and children feel quite safe and protected.

The SY. MARGARITA meets all the demands of its discerning clientele for a nostalgic and romantic cruise. At the same time it offers all the comforts you would expect to find on holiday.
We have 9 cabins (for 18 guests) with wide, comfortable double beds or single beds. Two cabins are with a third bed for a child.

Our crew is the heart and soul of the ship.



The crew of the MARGARITA all learnt their trade in the hard school of diving for sponges. In addition, they have 45 years of experience in dealing with guests on charter cruises. Specially chosen for their qualifications and personality, the crew sails the MARGARITA and looks after the guests at the same time.
For guests who visit us in the cooler months,



the rooms and bathrooms also have heating
systems, which also dry the towels.
You can keep the bath dry by showering in the separate shower cabin. Your bath here is large and comfortable and the toilets work using a pressurized water system, just like they do at home.

You sail along the "coast of light".
You will experience the sun of the Aegean, the sea breezes and the proverbial hospitality of the people. The coast of Turkey, with its deep inlets, wide gulfs and sheltered bays, and the nearby Greek islands, is a unique holiday region. The pleasant climate, crystal-clear water and the delightful, ever-changing scenery of the Eastern Mediterranean are waiting to welcome you. The schooner MARGARITA will visit magical harbours and coves and you will get to know the most popular bathing resorts and harbour cities. If you want, you can wander through famous archeological sites or use snorkeling equipment to discover sunken harbour moles.



The Captain of the schooner MARGARITA knows each harbour and every cove. The cruise will follow a fixed route which will be discussed with everyone on board.

No sooner has the ship dropped anchor in one of the turquoise-coloured bays than the MARGARITA crew invites you to have a go at water skiing, windsurfing and kayaking. You can snorkel to your heart's content! In the months which are not so warm, walks and rambles to waterfalls or to nearby typical villages are the favourite pastime. On request, the Captain will also organize excursions to points of interest and ancient cities either on the coast or inland.

Your Itinerary: You may start your journey either in Bodrum, Marmaris or Gocek, we can plan and arrange it with you, depending where you wish to go (map here) or according to your chosen airport, Bodrum or Dalaman.
We also offer to arrange and take care of your airport transfers,
sorry to say, but flights we do not arrange.

















Turkish cuisine
is considered to be among the finest in the world. On board the MARGARITA you will find the finest Turkish fare, prepared using the freshest vegetables, fish and meats. Our cook is an expert in his field. He will pamper you with three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and a three-course dinner in the evening. If you have any special dietary requirements (if there are certain foods you dislike or mustn't eat), simply let him know. He will be able to prepare dishes to suit your exact taste.
Your meals on board: You may choose between Fullboard (3 meals + teatime) price € 35,- p/person per day or halfboard at € 25,- .
Soft Drinks and alcoholic drinks are extra, we can buy them at supermarket prices and you just pay us the bill plus a service-extra for the crew of only 10%: We think that's a fair offer and all previous guest did very much appreciate that.
Meals are maily served on deck under the awning which protects you from the sun. In cooler months, our guests dine in the deck salon. The bar in the salon is a favourite meeting point where you can socialize and enjoy an aperitif. The "sun downer" is served in the fore ship'. There you will find a comfortable seating area with cocktail tables. It has been known to happen that "sun downers" are still being enjoyed long after sunset...

Why an Incentive Cruise on M/S Margarita
Designing a meaningful cruise incentive award is unquestionably one of the best ways to increase company loyalty and boost moral. Frankly, nothing motivates people to work harder than the thought of not having to. And although a land-locked resort is great, where's the excitement of travel? The romance of the sea? The thrill of discovery and adventure? There just isn't a better way to motivate people to work harder than the thought of an exotic, luxurious, relaxing cruise to exciting destinations.
A cruise is the ultimate group incentive because it offers two incentive awards in one: the luxurious pampering and superb facilities of a luxury land-based resort combined with the allure of travel to exotic destinations.
Consider the joy of discovering new places while indulging mind and body in the most luxurious surroundings imaginable. The endless pampering and impeccable service. The superb culinary pleasures of the Turkish cuisine. Then consider the alternative: a mass-market megaship. Masses in the dining room. Masses by the pool. The lines and the loudspeakers and the crowded tenders.
Make it your Dream Team

Let's be honest about air-condition on gullets
There is nearly none of the gullet charter-companies who tells you the truth about the use of air-conditition on Gulets. Yes, yes MARGARITA has AC and you think vou can switch it on when you like. It's not! On a boat the AC can only run when the generator is on, or in a harbor when connectet to 220 Volt. But mainly you are in anchorbays, often next to a neighbor who doesn't like the noise of your generator and you wouldn't like it either during the night for example.
So most of the gullets have come to a gentlemens agreement not to disturb eachother - AC can be used on the most of the boats 2-3 hours in the morning or at night from 20 to 24 hours.

Decksplan and technical datas

Length over deck:
Overall length:
Sail area:
Fresh water
Fuel tank
Crew quarters

Länge über Deck
Länge über alles

31.48 m
35.00 m
7.65 m
442 m²
7 - 10 knots
15 tons
8 tons
2 X MAN 240 HP
220 V /24 DC
Onan 20 KW

Equipment on board

2 helming stations; Hydraulic anchor winch; 300 m chain; 2 anchors weighing 180 kg each; Washing machine: 220 V; Telephone and fax; all navigation instruments;
VHF radio telephone / wireless & GSM Radar / Autopilot / Fishfinder Music System / CD Players TV & DVD Player Refrigerator & deep freeze & Ice Maker
Dinghy (Joker Boat) 3.5m with outboard engine 40 PS;
for your fun we have a windsurf and canoe, fishing and snorkeling gear




9 cabins (for 18 guests). Each cabin has a "king-size bathroom" (shower and WC), and all rooms have air-conditioning and heating (including the bathrooms)

And of course like all our boats, the M/S Margarita meets international safety regulations including life jackets, fire extinguishers and alarms.

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