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Belly Dance Workshop with Sahere
The best gymnastik und the most beautiful way to express as a woman

Blue Cruise Dia Show





"In many ways a gulet is like a full service hotel where every room has a sea view and the scenery changes constantly."

all about Bodrum
all about Bodrum -

What to bring
Travel light is our best advice to you, swimwear and T-shirts is all you will need on board in the daytime. In the evenings people dress casually, but bring sweaters and trousers if you are coming in the cooler months. It's a good idea to bring a pair of soft shoes or sandals just to use on the boat.
On board we provide hand towels only so please bring your own bath and beach towels. All this should be packed into a soft bag which can be folded and stowed away to give more room in your cabin, not a suitcase.
The Mediterranean sun is very bright and on a boat hotter than you think, be sure to pack sunglasses, a good suntan lotion and a hat. If mosquitos find you tasty then bring mosquito repellent and a camera is an absolute must.

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Sahere - Original Oriental Bellydance
Program of the Workshop
your week on the Gulet
Who is Sahere ?
The Bellydance and its origin
Accommodation, Price and how to book

We realize your dream
. . . there is nothing better then to combine
your hobby and holidays

This Workshop includes kowledge, mediate and practice of the Oriental Dance (common kown as Belly Dance) for beginners up to the rehearse of a bellydance choreography.
The workshop will focus on well-being and the different factors that can deplete energy levels

Every training day we start with a WARMING UP, means; we prepare our body with stretching for the belly dance movements, such as circles, drops, lifts etc.
Every day we learn more dance figures which leads us to the long for choreography of a bellydance, in which you can perform later in front of your friends, family, even husband, to please them and bring fun to a party.

the workshop program

1. Day on request transfer from Airport Bodrum to the harbour. Embarcation starting at 15:00. hello and welcome by the captain, dinner together, afterwards a visit to the old town of Bodrum with his bazaars and the opportunity to buy a few of utensils and/or accessories for the bellydance
2. Day Warming Up, belly circle movements, different Eights, drops and lifts, arms, hand movements, relaxing
3. Day Warming Up, repeating of above mentioned exersizes and starting of dance sequenzes and dance choreography
4. Day Warming Up, repeating of above mentioned exersizes and starting of dance sequenzes and choreography
5. Day Warming Up, repeating and going deeper into exercises an choreography of a belly dance . Rehearse of a Bellydance Choreography
6. Day and final evening the last day we would like to show what we are able to do - so lets make a show - an evening filled with all what we have learned!

Your week on the boat program



1st day: Bodrum on request transfer from Airport Bodrum to the harbour. Embarcation starting at 15:00. hello and welcome by the captain, dinner together, afterwards a visit to the old town of Bodrum with his bazaars and the opportunity to buy a few of utensils and/or accessories for the bellydance. Overnight is in the harbour of Bodrum

2nd day: Cökertme While our guests are enjoying their breakfast the captain clears the formalities with the harbour master for leaving the harbour. After a brief information it is time to sail to Alakisla bay. Near Karaada island you will have your first swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea and perhaps lunch at Orak island. Dinner and overnight is in Çökertme, a small fishing hamlet

3rd day: Cati Lagoon After breakfast and our workshop we will cruise to Catii Lagoon for lunch. The afternoon is yours to visit the beauties of this region. Sailing to Tuzla bay before breakfast, lunch and svimming break We will be anchoring in Uzun Liman (Long - Port) before 5:oo p.m. ( tea-time) and will enjoy the dinner and the night here.

4th day: English Harbour We start with a warm up and continue with ou workshop then cruise to Yediadalar for lunch. The surroundings are picturesque and ideal for swimming. You will anchor in English Harbor, a pine forest frame. Wonderful area for a walk ashore. In this area there are so many small and large bays for the boats to anchor. Dinner and overnight.

Das Gökova Segelrevier

interactive map
of the Blue Cruise sailing area

5th day: Cleopatra Island / Karacasogut Workshop and then cruising to Sedir (Kedrae) island. This unique island with its small beach and unbelieveable clear water is like an open-air museum. You can see the city the amphitheatre, for 1500 guest capacity. Cleopatra beach, that is located on this island has a very speacial kind of sand that can be found only in someplaces of Northern Africa. According to the myth Marc Antonius had brought this sand from Egypt by sea for Cleopatra.

6th day: Tuzla / Ballisu First comes the dance program and then we will sail to Tuzla. After a free afternoon, proceed to Ballisu for dinner and overnight

7th day: Çökertme / Oraklar
Sailing to Pabuç after breakfast. Haremten bay is after lunch and swimming break.
After having tea sailing to Pabucburnu, a short swimming break here. Then our boat will be sailing back to a close to Bodrum bay, where we will celebrate our last nightPort for the last dinner and the night over.

8th day: Bodrum
After breakfast, disembarking in Bodrum harbour, latest at 10.30. It is time to leave the boat with nice memories and say good bye to the crew .

Please note that this is only a rough guide and can be varied to suite requirements. Also note that the route may vary slightly, depending on weather conditions and time available, at the Captains discretion.

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Biography of SAHERÉ


Safak Pedük or with her stage name Saheré, grew up in Cologne, Abitur 1986 and refected her Turkish roots pretty early, became a member and solo performer of the ensemble of the Turkish consulate-general. In middle 80ies she studied Ballet and Jazz. There were performings with the girls group
"Twenty-One" and various shows in German TV-programs. Singer in a record production for Coconut-Records,
"The Eyes of Don Johnson"
Dancer/Singer in "West-Side-Story", Theater Lüneburg
Lecturer for Oriental Dance in Hamburg
1989-1991 Musicalstudies at the "Folkwang-Hochschule", Essen,
Ballett, Jazz dance, Modern dance, Expression, Song and play
1991 Lecturer for Oriental Dance in various schools in Cologne
1994 she gave birth to a daughter
1997 Choreograp & Coach for the Turkish Folkgroup "Tüksem"
Tänzerin, Coach, Trainerin und Solistin in "Eine Brise aus Anatolien", Philharmonie Köln
after 2000 Lecturer for Oriental Dance in various schools in Germany, Austria, Greece and Turkey and performances on international stages
2001 Performances in Greece (Thessaloniki and Athens), as well as in Greek TV
2003 Solo performer in the "Mediterranean Musicfestival", Lamia, Greece
2004 working as an acteress in Schauspielerin bei versch. TV-Produktionen
2006 Live-Moderator of a Turkish Gameshow in TGRT

2007 Solist of the Ethno Music Group BaBa ZuLa, Istanbul
Choreograph, Coach, Trainerin, künstlerische Leiterin, Tänzerin auf der Bonner
own Show presentation of the Saheré - Ensemble

Live performances with the Saheré Ensemble at the Turkish TV-station ATV

Safak Pedük speaks perfect Englisch and German, and of course Turkish

Origins of the Belly Dance

Wherever it began, this kind of dance has a long history in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Outside the Middle East, raqs sharqi dancing was popularized during the Romantic movement of the 18th and 19th centuries, whereby Orientalist artists depicted their interpretations of harem life in the Ottoman Empire. Around this time, dancers from different Middle Eastern countries began to perform at various World Fairs.

Historically, most of the dances associated with belly dance were performed with the sexes separated; men with men and women with women. Artistic depiction of belly dancing The origins of this dance form are actively debated among dance enthusiasts, especially given the limited academic research on the topic. Much of the research in this area has been done by the dancers themselves. However, the often overlooked fact that most dancing in the Middle East occurs in a social context rather than the more visible and glamorous context of professional nightclub performance, has led to a misunderstanding of the dance's true nature and has given rise to many conflicting theories about its origins. Because this dance is a fusion of many different styles it undoubtedly has a variety of origins, many of which stem from ethnic folk dancing.

The traditional birthing practices theory relates to a sub-set of dance movements found in modern raqs sharqi. Although lacking ideas about the exact origin of belly dance, this theory does have the advantage of being supported by numerous oral historical references, and is backed by commentary in The Dancer of Shamahka.



Sahere in action

Bellydance with Sahere

Most of the basic steps and techniques used in belly dancing involve circular motions isolated to a certain part of the body. For example, a circular movement "drawn" parallel to the floor by the hips is known as a "hip circle", or by the rib-cage known as a "chest circle". Accents such as "hip lifts" or "drops" are use to draw the eye to hip movement such as "shimmies or hip circles", while shoulder or arm movements are to accent chest or belly undulations. Dancers often dance while balancing various props like baskets, swords or canes as well as using silk or chiffon veils and wings for dramatic dance pieces.

The costume now associated with this dance is called bedlah in Arabic (meaning "suit"), and was adopted by dancers in Egypt in the 1930s, eventually spreading to other countries in the region. It owes its creation to the harem fantasy productions of vaudeville, burlesque, and Hollywood during the turn of the last century, rather than to actual authentic Middle Eastern dress.

The mainstays of costuming for the bedlah style include a fitted top or bra (usually with a fringe of beads or coins), a fitted hip belt (again with a fringe of beads or coins), and a skirt(s) (straight, layered, circular, or paneled). In the western world a "veil" - a 3-1/2 to 4-yard piece of fabric - may also be used to accentuate swirling arm movements throughout an entire dance or part of a dance.
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Price: 725,- Euro/person
Date: June 13 - 20, 2009
The price includes:

participation to a 6 days Belly Dance workshop with Saheré
during a 7 days Blue Cruise into the Gokova Gulf
Accommodation in the yacht ( 2 persons share one cabin)
and use of all facilities on board.
Full board on the yacht (All food provisions for 8 days)
All yacht's running expenses.
Dinghy with outboard engine.
Use of snorkeling & fishing gear
Inflatable fun equipment.
Assistance of an Experienced skipper for the duration of the cruise.
Electricity and hot water for showers on board.
Towels & Linen.
all Harbour taxes
The hosting Boat will be the

The price excludes:
Plane ticket to Bodrum
Transfers (From & to airport): appr. 40 Euro/2 Persons
Turkish visa fees
Personal travel insurance

here is the enquiry form
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