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Marmaris marina is a busy yachting center and also a pretty sight. The "Yacht Charter Show" organized here every May,
is an enjoyable event


Das Gökova Segelrevier

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BLUECRUISE.ORG is a German-Turkish company based in Bodrum. We offer an attractive variety of gullets to suit individual needs and itineraries of our guests. All information provided is based on first-hand knowledge and our personal contact to the boat owners and their crew

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Mykonos - Santorini
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Bodrum - Greece
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Bodrum - Greece
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Bodrum - Greece
(Rhodes & Simi Islands)
Premium Class with AC

Bodrum - Greece
(South Dodecanese)
(on Standard-Gulets)

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Marmaris - Greece
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Fethiye - Marmaris
Fethiye - 12 islands

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Situated on a bay, backed by rugged pineclad mountains, Marmaris is a most attractive maritime town, ideal for water sports and sailing. It makes an excellent starting point for a "Blue Voyage" tour of the Aegean coastline. In May, the Marmaris Yacht Charter Show provides an opportunity to meet the yacht captains and crews. With plenty of provisions aboard you set sail in the craft of your choice and languidly explore the spectacular beauty of southern Turkey.

In Marmaris, sample typical Turkish cuisine in one of the marina restaurants and drink raki, anisette, the traditional Turkish way, over ice and diluted with water. Later stroll along the brightly lit palm-lined promenade and indulge yourself at one of the ice cream vendors. Energetic entertainment at a lively bar or dancing until dawn at a sophisticated disco can end a perfect day. There are many good buys in Marmaris's boutiques, colorlul bazaars and markets.

The town of Marmaris is located at the meeting place of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Marmaris is one of the largest natural harbors in the world surrounded by pine-clad hills.

Situated in the south-west of Turkey, in Mugla province, Marmaris is one of Turkey's biggest holiday resorts. To the north lies the Gulf of Gökova; to the south, the Mediterranean. Datca Peninsula falls to the western side and to the east is the Lake of Köycegiz. The hills running into the sea and the beautiful bays make Marmaris the jewel she is.

The town is 60 kilometers from the provincial capital of Mugla and the mountainous nature of the surrounding countryside means that forestry plays an important part in the area's economy. The town boundaries are enclosed by 65,000 hectares of forest area.

Ancient Marmaris, Physkos, was an important stage on the Anatolia- Rhodes- Egypt trade route. In the 16th century, Suleyman the Magnificent had a citadel built on a hill, the remains of which can still be seen today. Swimmers should not miss Ataturk Park, to the east of Marmaris, where a shallow beach, extending to the bay leads to safe waters. The clear blue sea is warm enough for swimming from early May until late September. Marmaris also has horseback riding and tennis centers for the sports enthusiast. This is also one of the few places in the world where you can delight in the heady aroma of the frankincense tree. Weekly ferry lines run between Marmaris and Venice during the summer season.

Near Marmaris, at Icmeler, the hazy mountains of the interior slope down to sandy beaches. Under blue skies, the clear sea presents opportunities for all types of water sports. Many find this area so irresistible that they stay longer than originally planned. There are some excellent accommodations here, in which you can prolong your experience of nature. As you drive down from the high mountains into the scenic small village of Turunc, the vista opens out onto the spectacular blue waters beyond the natural harbor. Most of the restaurants border the beach, while a few bars and restaurants farther back from the water's edge offer fresh fish and superb views.

It is not known for certain when Marmaris was founded. However, as Marmaris previously known as Physkos, was part of the Carian Empire in the 6th century BC before she was overrun by the Lydians. Another invasion by the Lydians in 334 BC led to the partition of the Roman Empire ruled by Alexander the Great.

According to the historian Heredotus, the Carians coming from Crete, settled in the area which is now known as the province of Mugla. They also took over the town of Physkos with its natural harbor and used it as a military base and to enhance trade between Rhodes and the other Aegean Islands. The Carian civilization entered a dark period after 300 BC, coming under the reign of the Egyptians, Assyrians, Ionians, and Dorians successively. The Dorians colonized the Carian province and divided the region into 9 cities, two of which were Halicarnassos and Knidos. These two cities later on became an active trade centre and seaport of Anatolia specializing in handicrafts.

In 138 BC Attalos the 3rd King of Pergamon, whose predecessors had ruled Caria for 90 years, ceded Physkos to Rome and the city was ruled from Rhodes by Roman generals. The city became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1425, and the castle was built in 1521 AD for use in a planned assault upon Rhodes. The Ottoman Sultan at the time, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, changed the name of the town to Mimaras, which then became Marmaris according to historian Evliya Celebi.

A local rumor has it that the reason for the change of name to Mimaras was that Süleyman, on returning from his expedition to Rhodes, disliked the castle and said "Mimar as!", which means "Hang the architect!". Unfortunately there is no evidence to support this amusing story.

The Castle
According to the historian Herodotus, there has been a castle in Marmaris since 3000 BC. During the Hellenistic Age Caria was invaded by Alexander the Great and the castle was besieged. The 600 inhabitants of the town realized that they had no chance against the invading army and burned their valuables in the castle before escaping to the hills with their women and children. The invaders knowing the strategic value of the castle, repaired the destroyed sections to house a few hundred soldiers before the main army returned home.

The 17th century writer Evliya Celebi mentions the castle, which was rebuilt by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman in 1522 when he invaded Rhodes.

Since 1979, renovation work has been continuing at the castle, in order to restore it back to original condition. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, the castle has been converted into a museum. There are seven galleries, of which the largest is being used as an exhibition hall and the courtyard is decorated with seasonal flowers.

Marmaris was a Carian city of which history goes back to the 3500 BC. Its ancient name was Physkos of which antique ruins can be seen at Asartepe (1.7kms north). A wonder of nature in itself, in this wonderful country, is the town of Marmaris greeting the Aegean, as well as the Mediterranean, on a dreamlike bay. Here, where the pine-clad mountains form a beautiful backdrop to the beaches of clearest waters, the medley of green and blue tones are fascinating.

This land of lacy coastline is ideal for the sun-worshippers, and offers the most attractive coves and inlets for those who would like to swim, dive or fish. The sheltered bay is a favorite for a relaxing holiday, while also being amazingly excellent for a lively vacation of water sports and sailing.

Along the promenade, adorned with palm trees, the Marmaris marina is a busy yachting center and also a pretty sight. The "Yacht Charter Show" organized here every May, is an enjoyable event with captains and. crews coming together to sail with nature-lovers, among the impressive southern coasts of Turkey. One also may take the famous "Blue Voyage" from here, and make a fascinating trip along the elegant coastline of the Aegean. Marmaris is a yachting heaven with vast facilities for yacht owners.

If you do not get lost in this wide natural beauty, there is also a lot to see inside the plentiful little towns.

A 16th-century citadel, built by Suleyman the Magnificent, the Ottoman caravansary of 1545, and the Mosque of Ibrahim Agha, dating to 1789, are some interesting buildings in this ancient town of "Physkos" for the devoted sightseers.

The Ataturk Park, on the eastern side of Marmaris, is another location that should not be missed, with its lovely beach for swimming. It is an unforgettable place, possessing the frankincense trees which are rarely found elsewhere in the world, and the delightful aroma of which you will remember forever.

Marmaris today is a popular holiday resort with all these scenic points, supplemented by numerous facilities, including modern accommodation, restaurants, cafes, bars, and others. The beautiful boutiques, markets and bazaars provide a good deal of shopping opportunities which will give a last colorful aspect to your vacation. You may choose from excellent souvenirs among the Turkish handicrafts here, and do not forget to buy "Caam Ball'' which is a tasty pine-scented honey, locally produced in this area of pine forests.

Environs of Marmaris:

The environs of Marmaris is a vacation land. The Gölenge Icmeleri provides breathtaking scenery with great misty mountains descending to the golden sandy beaches. The clear, deep blue sea under the sunny sky is perfect for any kind of water-sport. This area is so appealing that you will need to spend several days to make the most of everything. Down a iinle from the mountains is Turunc Bay, bordered by various restaurants, each with a perfect view. You may taste delicious fish any time you like. Turunç, is a holiday resort surrounded by rich, natural beauty. Gunnucek, Yalanci Bogaz, Cennet Adasi (Nimara), Fosforlu Magara (the Phosphorous Cave), Çiftlik, Yavuz Plaji, Turgut (Selale), and Orhaniye with its natural harbor, are the other significant sites worth a visit.

At Kumlubuk you will find unexplored coves and inlets each of which exhibits different shades of turquoise. You may swim, dive or fish along the perfect coastline. You also may visit the ancient city of Amos on the northern slope, facing the bay.

Loryma can be reached by a delightful boat trip to the tip of the Bozburun Peninsula.. There you will see the ruins of a harbor and a castle. For those who want privacy while enjoying the wonders of nature, the northern side of the peninsula is perfect with its natural inlets, and quiet bays. The ancient cities of Hydas, Erine, Castabus, Bybassias, Pariodon, Ceresse, Saranda, Tymuns and Amos are on this peninsula.

Sedir Island, the ancient Cedrai, known as "Cleopatra and city islands" lies in the Gulf of Gökova. You will need to drive north from Marmaris to Gelibolu Bay and then take a boat to the Sedir Islands to find the ancient city walls, a theater and temples and the panoramic view of mountains across the bay. It is said that Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius swam together in a little bay on the northwest of the island of which it is said the sand was brought by ships from North Africa. It is an unforgettable experience. Going to the inner parts of the gulf, there is the little village of Gokova, with its traditional houses spreading to the edge of the mountain. Gokova Park with its dense pine forest and cool breeze, gives a welcome break from the sun. The restaurants, by the fresh water springs streaming from the mountains, are places to enjoy.

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The Dalaman airport (only 35 km) it has become more and more a prefered starting point for
Gulet charter.

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